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Scarf Variety2015 UPCOMING SHOWS:

Watch for more shows to be added for 2015

  • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's Artists & Artisan Festival March 21 & 22, 2015
  • Kerrville Festival of the Arts - Memorial weekend

Simply Santa Fe $48

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I'm always adding new scarves, wraps, tops and more!


Special Orders

Do you have a special occasion, wedding or event? I would love to create a silk piece designed especially for you.   

Just click on the pic to contact me  and I can create that perfect piece!


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My silk work

I was introduced to painting on silk in 2004.  The moment my brush touched the fabric I was hooked. 

I have attended classes with some of the finest silk artists in the U.S. including Suzanne Punch, Liena Dieck and Natasha Foucault. I've incorporated a variety of techniques and processes when working with the silk so you will see different effects from one piece to the next.  

Every silk article is a unique creation. I hand paint each piece in the hill country outside Austin Texas, using natural light and nature as my inspiration. This allows me to achieve the richness in color that my work is known for.  My colors are influenced by the 4 seasons of beautiful Western New York where I was raised and return to as often as I can, and today, by the rolling hills of Central Texas.


About Silk

Silk is highly valued because it possesses many excellent properties. Not only does it look lustrous and feel luxurious, but it is also lightweight, resilient, and extremely strong, actually the strongest natural fiber on earth! Therefore silk is both practical and very durable, and with proper care, lasts a  lifetime.  Just wrap a piece around your neck and experience the sensation of this wonderful fabric!

Silk will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter making it the perfect fiber for apparel.  This is because air can easily permeate between the skin and the layer of silk, as compared to traditional cloth which is woven, with threads interlacing one another. Thus, with more flowing air between the skin and silk, wearing silk is more cooling. On the other hand, air does not flow through the layers of most silk wearables (some exceptions such as chiffon) like it does other fibers, therefore keeping you warm. 



The power of words

Many of my silk pieces include inspirational words, some are subliminally written into the background, while others are intended to be worn as a statement with powerful energy. I believe we live our intentions and these words remind us consciously and subconsciously to do just that.  Some of the more popular words include:

Peace, Love, Faith, Serenity, Abundance, Gratitude, Prosperity, Serendipity, Beautiful

I also create pieces with your favorite phrase or quote,  the options are unlimited. 


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